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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 For information on the high school reform, better read the newspapers that the BO (Official Gazette). Today it is in Le Figaro that supplements the information disclosed in a World article published Saturday when they spoke of a high school "a la carte". Here is an offensive against repetition, expensive and inefficient. According to the OECD, 38% of 15 year old students have repeated at least once in France, against 13% on average in the OECD. In 2006, 14.4% of students have redoubled second. "The goal is to reduce this number, says one in the entourage of the Minister. This will be a consequence of the high school reform. " It is true that if we think globally, the total elimination of repetition would save no less than a billion. The equivalent of 25,000 teaching positions. In the words of Le Figaro, "if you remove the repetition, it is urgent to work in two directions: guidance and personalized support." But I would add pedagogy, as the success of all students also means greater individualization, a different assessment and work on skills in and during the class itself. And not just in a support that would be only "next" and after. This is what Nestor Romero said in an article on the website Rue89 (which we do not share all the findings). "The evidence has been made throughout the years that" support "not only does not help for children of school failure but is revealed as particularly against-productive. For taking the same lessons, the same exercises with the same methods in teaching some variations, late in the day (necessarily because the schedules are sacred), while teachers and children can do but, and that the means buddies guffaw in the street, this support only confirms and strengthen students in their situation of failure. "in Le Monde, we read the forum Florian Lecoultre, president of the National Union schoolgirl who exposeles reasons for the anger of the students. He says: "The students are not conservative; on the contrary, they demand reforms, but feel they must wear educational ambition, meet the objective of a fairer school for youth empowerment and raising the educational level of the population. The means must therefore arise from the policy objectives set in school, and not be a prerequisite leading to review goals down. ". And he mentioned several reforms tracks: diversification within the college unique, more bridges in the comprehensive school, overhaul of school time, "new architecture of the assessment and review of the tray" The Thursday strike should be followed. for example, provides 65% of strikers in the Primary. No forecast for the secondary had yet been made public on Wednesday morning, but the numbers should be higher. What would they be worth? Le Monde said that the counting of strikers is a recurring and ancient battle. although the figures are known, "the ministry" and "the unions" can do the splits. During the last strike, Xavier Darcos promised to give figures "to the nearest unit" based on deductions from wages. But the newspaper said that even these figures there have many means Anyway the battle on the figures is also a symbolic and political battle C’est La Croix who says: Cannabis is becoming commonplace in the adolescent universe. According to the ESPAD 2004 survey (European Survey on the use of drugs and alcohol by teenagers), 24.9% of boys aged 14-15 and 16.5% of girls have tried cannabis, c ‘ is to say, smoked 1 to 5 rings during their life must say that the offer does not lack: it is estimated that a teenager was offered a joint twice a month, making it 20 times a year. So it will - low estimate - 140 opportunities to smoke during the High School years. The shit has become a local product, as well as alcohol. As recalled by the experts interviewed in this case, the social and academic impact of this consumption depends largely on the ability of the young to master. Without a suitable reaction, the young may pass without realizing it, a small consumption to greater consumption and daily. For it must be remembered, in high doses consumed cannabis is a psychoactive which has adverse effects on physical and mental health of the person who abuses: diminution of concentration and memory, learning difficulties, isolation, loss of benchmarks and any motivation beyond the desire to smoke … ———————————- Good Read 14/05/08 ———— Liberation the manual of the strike tomorrow tomorrow’s day of action promises to be attended by many officials. Schools, post, transport … A review of the various sectors concerned. Read more of the article Santini prefers "armbands Japanese" to strike at the French On the eve of the strike of civil servants, Andre Santini found that there are "other ways to express" that down the street. Which? Wear armbands for example … Read More Article Refugees homophobia Driven by their families, young gays meet in the street. In Montpellier, a structure unique in France, offers them shelter and listening. Read more of the article right are elected nannies during the strike The mayor of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon back to school Thursday morning. Reelected in March at the head of his council, Denis Broliquier decided to make himself, along with other elected officials and some parents, the minimum reception service in three strikes in schools in his district . Read the rest of the article ——————————————- - Le Figaro 14/05/08 Strikes: what awaits Thursday the call for day of action May 15, initiated by students and teachers, was echoed in many sectors, particularly in the public service . Update on disruption expected. Read more of the article The repetition in the sights of Darcos Rethinking guidance and develop personalized support should achieve better results. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 14/05/08 the number of striking teachers, recurrent battle between unions and Ministry participation of teachers in inter day of action in the public service for the defense of work and pensions, Thursday, May 15, looks massive. Teachers protest against the suppression of 11,200 jobs in September and educational policy of the government. The SNUipp-FSU, the main union of the primary, said he expected an average of 63% of strikers in schools. No forecast for the secondary had yet been made public on Wednesday morning, but the numbers should be higher. What would they be worth? Participation in strikes in education raises the same controversy that attendance at events. Estimates of the Ministry and the unions sometimes vary from simple to double. The row of numbers is old. Read more of the article schoolboy Movement, Teachers strike, "bridges": since April, school days are rare Blockade of institutions, teachers’ strike, Easter holidays, "bridges" in May: the second and third quarters of 2008 seem to many parents, a succession of days without classes. To the Parents’ Federation of Public Education (PEEP), listed on the right, Corinne Tapiero, vice president, speaks of "catastrophe" in Paris, where the mobilization schoolgirl was strongest, while recognizing as accounting for lost days is difficult. Read more of the article Primary: always challenged programs Despite a series of developments announced April 29 by the Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos, the new elementary program, the first version was presented on February 20 continue to be hotly contested by most trade unions of first degree as well as educational movements. Read more of the article High school students: the reasons for the anger by Florian Lecoultre president of the National Union schoolgirl i high school students took to the streets for two months it is that their movement touches on key issues for the future the public education service. Local mobilization, involving teachers, parents and students began upon notification to establishments schedules endowments with which they are expected to run during the 2008-2009 school year. Beyond 11,200 fewer jobs in September 2008, are the 80,000 cuts planned for the next three years, adding to the 25,300 jobs lost since 2003, which concerned the educational community. […] The students , by mobilizing around clear demands and proposals, took responsibility and showed the absurdity of the never-ending manipulation charges against the youth who mobilize. During the meeting with Xavier Darcos, on May 10, they got first setbacks of the government. Themes were identified that go in the right direction for the future reform of the school, such as the establishment of a real high school student status, or to a public policy service with real content. If these advances are significant, they can not be considered sufficient and high school students now expect the minister to reaffirm his ambition for the education system by setting up an exception in national education to the logic of deletions scale positions that prevails in the public service. Read more of the article When the debate on school turns dialogue of the deaf, Jean-Christophe Garde job cuts in national education perfectly illustrate the sterility of binary thinking and domination of the emotional and sensational on the bottom reflection. Worse! For special rapid action, communication and the lack of a long and necessary dialogue with the trade unions, the government still contributes a little to the lowering of political action to immobility and tension in education. What are the terms of the "debate"? Savings on one side, the name of a necessary fiscal adjustment, lower the number of students and the famous "Work more to earn more", which results in the conversion of a number of positions teachers in overtime. On the other hand, claim the holding means, denunciation of a school year that, in the state, can not be done properly (that whole hierarchy of Education knows), the amount of overtime to distribute in some disciplines being as certain hours can not find buyers. Read more of the article Confusion around the teaching of art history at the school a few months before its official entry in the schools, the history of art is the subject of intense speculation. In September, this new discipline, wanted by the president, will appear in all primary classes. The school year 2009-2010, the college will open its doors. Yet unions disciplinary associations and different departments of the Ministry, a thick fog seems to cover this vast project. For six months, the documents have not failed. In December 2007, the Inspector General Eric Gross has provided a series of proposals. On 30 January, the Ministers of Education and Culture, and Xavier Darcos Christine Albanel presented to Cabinet conclusions. Since then, the primary school programs have been officially unveiled, those college open to consultation. Finally, May 8, specific guidance circular was published in the Official Bulletin (BO) of Education. With still the same feeling blur. Read more of the article The law on university autonomy creates deadlocks The application of the law of 10 August 2007 on the freedoms and responsibilities of universities (LRU), which organizes their independence, causing a stir in a number of institutions. The president of the University Blaise Pascal (Clermont-II) preferred to throw in the towel. Nadine Lavignotte and his team resigned Friday, May 2, after his proposal for appointment of external members was denied twice by its Board of Directors (BOD). Read more of the article Tobacco: "The most vulnerable teens" Professor Gilbert Lagrue specializing in tobacco More Article ——————— ———————- Humanity of 14/05/08 (a day late) Xavier Darcos draws the minimum service on the eve of the day mobilization in education May 15, the Minister is prepared to go through the law to force teachers to announce they will strike 48 hours in advance. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 14/05/08 strike: cities that provide the minimum service Nearly two-thirds of teachers could be on strike Thursday, according to estimates Snuipp, main union of the first degree. On the other hand, 2743 Commons on that count 22,500 primary schools reported organize a minimum service. Read more of the article Darcos: "The strike of socialist mayors" The Education Minister Xavier Darcos said on Wednesday that the strike day on Thursday would be "not only the teachers’ strike but the strike of socialist mayors" alluding to the town halls that will not put out the welcome minimum service (AMS) in schools. Read more of the article Aschieri (FSU) poses three conditions to leave the movement general secretary of the FSU Gerard Aschieri asked Wednesday on I-tele three conditions Education Minister Xavier Darcos out of the protest movement against job cuts, on the eve of Thursday strike in Education and the public Service. Ala question of how to stop the movement, Mr. Aschieri said: "First, for this school year, there overtime transformations jobs" […] "Secondly there. has gestures and we have guarantees or commitments more »(future revenues, ie), because what is going to be dramatic is subsequently added Mr. Aschieri. "Third, we open real negotiations" to "revaluation" of the teaching profession and the high school reform, "he told the head of the first federation of Education. Read more of the article Between 50% and 70% of striking teachers tomorrow SE-UNSA said Wednesday at "around 70%" of school teachers and "50%" of teachers of secondary schools the proportion expected strikers Thursday as part of the national day in Education and the civil Service for the workforce. Read more of the article New solutions to protect children Net Three million people 10 to 18 years regularly connect on MSN messaging that allows them to interact via the screen with "friends". The first free software system control is launched today. Read more of the article "I do not want a computer in my room," KALISTRA, 16, met a 60 year old man on the Net then was "kidnapped" by reading him the rest of the article How on the system launched today by MSN messaging tHE FAMOUS "closed" MSN (recently renamed Windows Live Messenger) is a priori reassuring for parents: children can chat live with a list of predefined friends, often Holiday buddies, college football or they have already met in real life … Unless they can very well themselves, in your absence, expand the list to unknown contact. With this new free system, when a new physics homework
party wishes to enter the contact list of your child, the request will be blocked. Read More Article OTHER TOOLS EFFICIENT The free parental control. Offered by the provider, these systems allow for control computer lives of children: they block a cat when a word appears licentious or prohibit access to porn sites, violent or racist. These devices are tested by the e-Childhood association. Read more of the article 63% of teachers should be on strike Thursday According to a census established by Snuipp-FSU, two-thirds of the schools teachers should go on strike on June 15 against job cuts. Read more of the article Cameroonian high school student living in France since childhood held in detention Cameroonian schoolboy 18 living in France since his early childhood was placed in administrative detention center (CRA) Palaiseau (Essonne) on May 7 and faces deportation, are we learned Monday from reliable sources. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of mayors 14/05/08 UMP also shun the minimum service in schools again experienced during the teachers’ strike, Thursday, May 15, the minimum service raises the reluctance of some elected right Read more of the article cannabis is becoming commonplace in the teen world the figures show: for young people, the shit has become a product of proximity. Yet cannabis is an illegal drug that can become dangerous More Article —————————— ——————- 20 minutes from 14/05/08 the minimum service has its objectors the mothers are attracted by the minimum service in schools, but still not mayors. Xavier Darcos intends to try for the second time its minimum service host (SMA) in schools tomorrow on the occasion of the mass strike in Education. On Tuesday, the Minister announced on RMC that it excludes more force, "by law if necessary," the strikers teachers to declare forty-eight hours in advance, a prerequisite for organize the famous host minimum service. Read more of the article Maxi-flop for the minimum service Parents, organize to strike tomorrow! The minimum service, set up on January 24 in Toulouse schools will have been a flash in the pan. Considering that "call into question the right to strike", the new PS municipality canceled the device. Same attitude in Colomiers where the municipality does not want to play "strike breakers". Parent Associations side of students, only Peep protests: "The absence of minimum service is deplorable, says Marie-Line Brugidou his departmental chair. And these are poor families who pay the most, those who have no parents, no on-site network. »Read more of the article Drinking is like driving, not before 18 The Minister of Health, Roselyne Bachelot, said yesterday he was" anticipate "the decree mandating breathalyzers for implementation in the taverns by other measures against alcoholism. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 14/05/08 Why develop tutoring is a harmful idea By NESTOR ROMERO We see this spring, the development of a paradox. Here, in fact, that to override a dozen of thousands of jobs in the educational institution conservatives of this country, Minister at the head, urging teachers to "work differently" .Paradoxe, indeed, because it " work differently "has always been the key recommendation of a fringe of teachers that the Conservatives always have continued and continue to fight. Before examining the contents of the "work differently" Ministerial we will see that it comes down to a lie and perhaps even immorality, we must be attentive to the argument advanced to justify this restrictive policy: the "student ratio" would be most suitable in our country, it would be even much better than that of our European neighbors. […] The evidence was made throughout these years that "support" not only does not help for children of school failure but is revealed as particularly contre-productif.Car, repeating the same lessons , the same exercises with the same methods in teaching some variations, late in the day (necessarily because the schedules are sacred), while teachers and children can do though, and is meant buddies s’ guffaw in the street, this support only confirms and strengthen students in their situation of failure. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Ouest France 14/05/08 with the strike for schools Thursday the main union of the primary ad 63% participation. The minister talks tough, hoping to support families favorable minimum service. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Southwest 14/05/08 minimum mini-Service as part of the strike tomorrow, municipalities are again invited to set up the device in schools. Reactions in the region Read more of the article ————————————— ——— the Journal du Dimanche 14/05/08 Nothing seen … ————————– ————– Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 14/05/08 Bachelot wants to ban the sale of alcohol to minors the Minister of Health announced plans to ban the sale of alcohol to minors in supermarkets, grocery stores and other drinking establishments to take away. Read more of the article there will be no minimum service in Paris on May 15. This is a "diversion of business" meets the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe UMP mayors of district of the capital who asked him to establish a minimum reception service in schools May 15, day of the strike of civil servants. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 14/05/08 ————————————- Nothing seen … ———————- A selection of 14/05/08 in despatches the use of temporary fueling concerns officials the use of agencies interim, already practiced in public hospitals could be authorized throughout the civil Service as a bill that feeds the discontent of trade unions calling the 5.2 million civil servants to strike and protest Thursday. Read more of the article PS brings his "support" for the actions of officials and teachers National Office (NO) of the PS Tuesday backed the day of action on May 15 in the Public Service and national Education, denouncing an "unprecedented offensive against the state and its agents" Read more of the article the civil Service and the Thursday strike School for staff and students Teachers are called to demonstrate and strike Thursday like all civil servants to denounce a "policy of dismantling" of public service and the tens of thousands of planned job cuts 2008-2009. Read more of the article 63% of primary school teachers should be on strike Thursday (SNUipp-FSU) Nearly two-thirds (63%) of primary school teachers should be on strike Thursday, according to a survey prepared by the Snuipp- FSU, prevails in the primary, from the lift 61 departments. Read more of the article schools: urban planning or not a minimum service May 15 Here is an indicative list of cities planning to ensure minimum reception service (AMS) for school students on May 15 during the teachers’ strike, and those who do not hold, according to the AFP offices. Read more of the article The sectors affected by the strike Thursday The main sectors affected by the strike Thursday, including Education and Public Administration, against planned workforce reductions and the defense of public service. Read more of the article Greens support the movement of 15 and 24 May The Greens support "the mobilization of students, parents and teachers on Thursday 15 and Saturday, May 24 to defend a real education reform" and denounce the political current as "hypocritical and illusory", they said in a statement Tuesday. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, May 14, 2008